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Our Story

"Discovering Our True Potential: A Reflection on the Evolution from NSW to Our New Identity"

Our journey towards transformation hasn’t been an overnight success; over 15 years of hard work, mistakes, achievements, commitment, growth, and the old cliche, blood, sweat, and tears (literally) a series of realisations unfolded. 

Our original brand had established itself as a trusted name in the local community, known for providing a fantastic rental service. However, as we delved deeper, we uncovered a significant misconception in the area. Viewed as specialists in the rental market with an unrivaled reputation to match, there was a distinct lack of awareness regarding our capabilities when it came to selling homes.

This revelation was the turning point that fuelled our decision to rebrand and adopt a new identity. The name change isn’t just a superficial alteration; it’s the materialising of a vision, showcasing what a trusted, honest, forward-thinking estate agent should look like. Gone are the days of formality and jargon that blindside buyers and sellers in an already intricate process. We truly understand that buying and selling a home is one of the most apprehensive experiences, and we strive to make that journey as stress-free as possible for each of our valued clients. Starting with a visit to Thomas Samuel, where we have encapsulated a more relaxing atmosphere than that of a traditional agent. With a passionate and committed team ready to welcome you for a coffee and chat, feel free to pop in and discuss the local housing market without any obligation or expectation. 

So why Thomas Samuel? 

Choosing a name for our reimagined company was a decision rooted in deep significance and heartfelt sentiment. Naming our enterprise after our two boys, Thomas and Samuel was a deliberate choice. Inspired by their characters and continuous growth in personalities we wanted to capture the essence of that and embody it within our company. 


With his unwavering determination, represents a steadfast commitment to achieving excellence. His caring and empathetic nature finds its echo in our client-centered approach, ensuring that each interaction is infused with a genuine understanding of individual needs. 


A vibrant and flamboyant spirit, coupled with his remarkable sensitivity; this resonates within our innovative strategies and the high energy of the team alongside the tailored care we extend to all. 

So by naming the company after our much loved boys, we pay tribute to their differing attributes that make them who they are. In turn, we envision our new identity as a living representation of them and their journey of growth as they continue to forge their path in the world, we will forever be inspired to mirror their resilience and strengths within the company; thus providing our clients with an exceptional service, commitment to excellence and an unparalleled experience, indefinitely. 

As we move forward under our new brand we believe our exciting journey of self-discovery has enabled us to tap into the vast knowledge, experience, and dedication that resides within our team, and the people around us. We are no longer confined by the narrow perception, but instead carry with us the lessons learned from our NSW days and stand proud of where we are and what we stand for.

We will continue to honour our roots as a trusted rental service while embracing our newfound identity as a pioneer in property sales.


Thomas Samuel

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